October 10, 2016
Request for determination of cost of lease of the bus in Kyiv
To whom:
LLC Buskyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine
From whom:
The customer – the Company (Name) _____________________
Address of Office of the company _________________
The responsible person in the company for the order of the bus in the Company (full name) ____________________________
Phone of office of the company ____ (___) ____________
The mobile phone Responsible for transport in the company _+38 (0) ______________
The customer - the Privat Person (full name) ____________________
City ____________
Street ____________
Contact phone of the natural person 1 __________________
The mobile phone of the natural person - 2 __________________
Request for Lease of the Bus Across Kiev specify a number of hours
We ask you to report the cost of rent and existence for the specified date of the Tourist Bus
on __________ the number of places for transportation of group of people from consisting from ____ the person
The number of people in group ___
Date of departure - day __ 00 __ - month ___ 01 __ 2016
Departure time - _00_ _00 __
Purpose of visit (specify a purpose of visit):
Sightseeing tour Kiev,
Delegation meeting,
Corporate action,
Trip of group of fans,
Official delegation
For Lease of the Bus Across Kiev specify a number of hours
Across Kiev – 5 hours (the minimum order - 4+1 hour) all ____________ hours.
Previously defined Route across Kiev:
Place of departure:
Street ___________________
City __________________
Area _________________
Place (address) of a stop 1 ______________
place of a stop 2 ______________
place of a stop 3 ______________
place of a stop 4 ______________
place of a stop 5 ______________
Place (address) of disembarkation of passengers ______________

Single trip the Transfer around the city or in limits - 25 km from city line

Date of departure - day __ 00 __ - month ___________ 2016
Departure time - _00_chasov _00 __ minutes
From the Airport ________________
in Hotel (name) __________________
address of Hotel, Kiev, st. _______________
From Hotel
Address of Hotel, Kiev, st. _______________
in the Airport _____________
to the railway Station ______________
in Hotel name ________________________ Address ___________________
in Restaurant name ________________________ Address ___________________
Preliminary calculation of distance between the cities and time in way to be made with use of online maps - https://www.google.com.ua/maps
For filling of this form you can copy it then to fill and edit in a convenient format
The filled form for determination of cost of lease of the bus, a reserve of the bus and existence for previously defined date, Send us the filled form of the order of the bus for E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Or insert into the completed application in a form in the section contacts.
After receiving inquiry we will tell you the cost and existence of suitable type of the bus for the specified date.
© LLC Buskiyev, Kiev, Ukraine

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