October 10, 2016

Request for Lease of the Bus For trips around the territory of Ukraine

To whom:
LLC Buskyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
From whom:
The customer – the Company (Name) _____________________
Address of Office of the company _________________
The responsible person in the company for the order of the bus in the Company (full name) ____________________________
Phone of office of the company ____ (___) ____________
The mobile phone Responsible for transport in the company _+38 (0) ______________
The customer - the Privat Person (full name) ____________________
City ____________
Street ____________
Contact phone of the natural person 1 __________________
The mobile phone of the natural person - 2 __________________
Request for Lease of the Bus For trips around the territory of Ukraine
We ask you to report the cost of rent and existence for the specified date of the Tourist Bus
on __________ the number of places for transportation of group of people from consisting from ____ the person
The number of people in group ___
Date of departure - day __ 00 __ - month ___________ 2016
Departure time - _00_chasov _00 __ minutes
Route across Ukraine:
Place of departure:
Street ___________________
City __________________
Area _________________ - 0 km.
Cities of a stop:
  1. City ___________, Area _______________;
  2. City ___________, Area _______________;
  3. City ___________, Area _______________, Lodging for the night 1 night
Departure in - ____ hours ______ minutes
  1. City ___________, Area _______________
  2. Final point of a route (destination) ____________________ the city ___________________ Area - 000 Km.
Preliminary calculation of distance between the cities and time in way to be made with use of online maps - https://www.google.com.ua/maps
For filling of this form you can copy it then to fill and edit in a convenient format
The filled form for determination of cost of lease of the bus, a reserve of the bus and existence for previously defined date, Send us the filled form of the order of the bus for E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Or insert into the completed application in a form in the section contacts.
After receiving inquiry we will tell you the cost and existence of suitable type of the bus for the specified date.
© LLC Buskiyev, Kiev, Ukraine

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